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Originally Posted by chapmaja View Post
Under the MHSAA's point of emphasis this season, yes this was an IF. With that said, I have watched very similar plays happen multiple times this year and it has not been called an IF once. This was similar to what the coach had pointed out in the article.

I do agree that the official was overthinking the situation, but also something else was going on. Twice it appeared that the player fouled the ball handler before the IF and nothing was called. Had this been a team trailing on the scoreboard instead of leading, my guess is that the first or second foul would have been called. I think there is a substantial level on inconsistency when it comes to fouls by teams ahead compared with teams that are fouling to stop the clock to extend the game.

I always say something to the crew when either team has fouls to give this late in the game. It's imperative to get the first inkling of a foul.
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