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I cannot speak to college ball since I don't work it.

There are very few USA tournament games in my area that utilize a 3-ump system. Virtually none, actually. We've discussed it a few times, but it seems to lack traction. The biggest issue is cost of the other umpire. I've suggested that we work 3-ump games while only charging the TDs for 2 umpires, but a lot of umpires are simply not willing to take a "pay cut". A few years back, I worked tournaments as either U1 or U3 for free with some willing partners just for the experience. Since it was a showcase tournament, rules were somewhat relaxed and coaches were a bit more laid back.

As a result, we don't have a lot of umpires who are comfortable with 3-ump system.

For NFHS games, we do use 3-ump system once we get to quarter-final and above games. We do have a better pool of umpires to utilize, and many are also USA umpires.

It's a nice system once you get the hang of it. But working with an inexperienced partner can cause problems. Folks need to learn, though.
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