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Originally Posted by Tony.oe4 View Post
R3 hits the 3rd contact into the net. The ball rebounds out of the next and lands out of bounds on team R side. I know in PAVO, the signal is out of bounds. I thought the signal is the same in NFHS and USAV but I cannot find a reference in either of those rule books. Can someone confirm that the signal used for this situation is out of bounds and not touch for NFHS and USAV?
Out of bounds is the correct signal. (NFHS)

Page 87 of the casebook and officials manual.

14 Out of bounds:

* The ball goes into the net and lands out of bounds on the attackers side.

This is a call that can get a captain coming over to question the call, or a coach yelling from across the floor. The issue is normally when there is a blocker attempting to block the ball and the ball isn't blocked, hits the net and then lands out. When you give the out call on this, half the gym is going to think it was a block "out". Unfortunately there is no easy way to signal this as an official other than which side is getting the point.

USAV "Out" simply refers to where the ball hit the floor. Since it hit outside the line, the out call is made. No special mention is made of how it got to that point.

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