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Originally Posted by HokiePaul View Post
Am I the only one who thinks a double forfeit is a bit much (again based only on what was in the video).

I saw a common foul (legit attempt to block the shot)
Legal hanging on the rim (player safety)
Accidental collision with defender while hanging on the rim
Shove of a player by the white (Penalty - Technical Foul)
Tackle of red player by white (Penalty - Flagrant Technical/DQ)
Several players leave the bench (Penalty - Flagrant Technical/DQ)

The video ended pretty quick so I'm assuming the "brawl" ended pretty quick -- I'm not sure I'd call this a brawl. If was more of a fight where players left the bench.

I'd be more included to penalize the handful of players who initiated the fight rather than everyone on both teams. Just my opinion, and again based on what I saw in the link from the OP.
I agree with most, except for this. I think it would be a mistake to NOT deem this an act that started the fight, and therefore call it a Flagrant Technical and DQ.
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