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You are reaching. This (OP) is about 2 T's on a play resulting in an exit from the game. It is not about some idle comment after a 5th foul or any of the other cases that have been proposed. Stop reaching. And please do not use "If they commit an infraction of the rules, penalize it." as my tag line explains that garbage. Some indicate to give a 3rd T but yet do not give multiple consecutively. Wow, hypocrite city. Rules/case book provide the information. I have neither heard nor seen anyone give a third T unless they were going against the rule/case books. I will probably see that when, in the same game, multiple fouls are called on the same play, lol. BM, why ask for citations when they were already provided? The rule book tells us what to do regarding ejections and the case book gives plenty of guidance regarding the game becoming unmanageable. Remember also that this was a rec league so the level of oversight plummets.

I can see it now CC. You call 5th foul. Players swears at you. You call a T. Player swears at you again as they walk away from you. You call a T. Player swears at you again from a greater distance. You call a T. As player nears door to exit gym with trainer (player was injured during play), they swear at you again. You call a T. See where this is going? Come on, use common sense. How about this, adult rec league, player gets his nose completely shattered/broken on a play. The player drops 4 consecutive F bombs. You quickly blow your whistle 4 consecutive times forming the T signal with your hands and give the other team 8 FT's. Lol, would love to see that. Yes, these are extreme examples, but so are the cases being provided. Use common sense and don't ever throw literal rules at all situations. Use rule 2-3 in a sound manner to cover the ultra rare plays that happen once in a lifetime. And we all ignore plenty of actions/rules so do not use the argument that an action/rule can't be ignored.

Come on CR, any further action is not "ignored", it is just handled by a different authority.
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?

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