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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Agree 100%.

How about interfering with the ball after a goal (only touching it, tapping it a very short distance away, knocking it a slightly longer distance away, tossing it a longer distance away, throwing it a very long distance, kicking it to the moon, etc.) at any point in the first 31:55 of the game?

Do we always warn (if not already warned)?

Are there situations where we go directly to a technical foul with no warning.

In the past, some Forum members have described some of these situations as egregious, but I don't see this term described (or even used) anywhere in the NFHS rulebook, or casebook?

Note: Keeping in mind that the following acts have their own rule and their own penalty, regardless of the score and time remaining in the game: Knocking the ball out of A1’s hands (technical foul), and crossing the boundary line and fouling A1 (intentional personal foul), and also tack on a delay warning in the book for either.
Since I don't know what you're still confused about, I will bow out now. I had 2 DOG warnings this year for interfering with the ball after a made basket. They were both pretty cut-and-dry. Only thing unusual about those 2 plays was that they were committed by the same player in two different games. One time he slapped the ball really hard towards the wall, the other time he hit the ball so it went away from the thrower-in.

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