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Ralph Kramden ...

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
Trying to narrowly construe it to fit only one specific act is your mistake and the cause of your confusion.
I am not confused about this specific situation (knocking the ball from the thrower's grasp). Easy. Technical foul. No warning. First period. Last period. Close game. Blowout game. Ten seconds left. Four seconds left.

My frustration (and possible confusion) regarding these "delay/interfere" situations is trying to figure out when to go directly to a technical foul and when to warn (if not already warned), knowing not to only warn if less than five seconds left.

Regarding interfering with the ball after a goal (only touching it, tapping it a very short distance away, knocking it a slightly longer distance away, tossing it a longer distance away, throwing it a very long distance, kicking it to the moon, etc.).

Sometimes we're expected to ignore.

Sometimes we warn (if not already warned).

Sometimes we go directly to a technical foul with no warning.

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