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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Agree in practice, but the interpretation (not the original post) differentiates between simply knocking a loose ball away and knocking the ball from the thrower's grasp.

The first (simply knocking a loose ball away) may be ignored if there is under five seconds remaining, and with over five seconds remaining may (unless it's egregious) require a warning before a technical foul.

The second (knocking the ball from the thrower's grasp) leads to an immediate technical foul even if there wasn't a previous warning.

And (knocking the ball from the thrower's grasp) the technical foul is probably charged even if there is less than five seconds remaining (in theory if not in practice):

10.4.10 SITUATION B: After a field goal, the score is A-55, B-54. A1 has the ball out of bounds for a throw-in with two seconds remaining in the game. A1 throws the ball toward A2 who also is out of bounds along the end line. B2 reaches across the end line and grabs or slaps the ball while it is in flight. Time expires close to the moment the official indicates the infraction. RULING: A technical foul is charged against B2. The remaining time or whether Team B had been previously warned for a delay-of-game situation is not a factor. No free throws are awarded as the winner of the game has been determined. (9-2-10 Penalty 3, 4)
I don't see your point.

Nevada posted the relevant case play. The following verbiage from that case play's comment covers multiple acts that COULD occur to invoke the case play: "if the tactic in any way interferes with the thrower's efforts to make a throw-in"

Trying to narrowly construe it to fit only one specific act is your mistake and the cause of your confusion.
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