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Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly To Jail ...

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I agree with you in practice, but the interpretation says otherwise. There is a difference between interfering with ball and interfering with the thrower.
Originally Posted by BayStateRef View Post
What more could a player do to interfere with the ball than punch it into the stands? That's where the casebook says we can ignore the action if the only purpose is to stop the clock.
Knocking a loose ball away is interfering with the ball.

Knocking a ball out of the thrower's hands is interfering with the thrower.

B1 reaches through the boundary plane and knocks the ball out of A1's hands ... However, if the tactic in any way interferes with the thrower's efforts to make a throw-in, a technical foul for delay shall be called even though no previous warning had been issued. In this situation, if the official stopped the clock and issued a team warning, it would allow the team to benefit from the tactic.

In the interpretation, no warning is required (that would benefit the defense). Go directly to a technical foul.

Note: The interpretation is not the same situation as the original post.
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