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Originally Posted by sj View Post
Looking at definitions I would say that while he meets the definition for being bench personnel he doesn't meet the definition for being a team member. A team member is bench personnel who is in uniform and is "eligible to become a player." Since he's not in the book he's not eligible to become a player at the point all this occurred. As Rut says it might be semantics but that's a take on it anyways.
I think he's still eligible to become a player, just at the expense of a technical foul.

So in this scenario, in the actual scorebook, you would count this as indirect toward the coach and that's it, correct? The thing to remember is that if they decide later to play that kid, obviously they'll get the admin tech, but also the bench technical should now be changed to a direct technical on that player, count toward his 5 for disqualification, and then remain as indirect to the HC (does that sound right? After my dumb 10 minute question I suddenly feel very gunshy!)
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