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Originally Posted by sj View Post
A20 dunks the ball and then clearly taunts B30 and the Lead calls a technical foul on A20. As he's walking to the table to report he is in front of Team A's bench when A33 directs a disrespectful comment towards the official which results in a technical on A33. As the official is reporting at the table the scorer informs him that there is no A33 in the book.

4 shots and the ball for B and an indirect on the head coach. Do you also give an administrative technical for A33 not being in the book?
I am assuming A33 is on the bench and not in the game correct? If that is the case then my answer is based on the fact that A33 was bench personnel at the time of that technical foul.

I would say yes if they are adding that player to the list to play. If they do not ever play that player, then I would say no they do not get the technical foul for administrative purposes. They are still bench personnel because a team's manager can be on the bench. But if they are never put them in the game, then I do not see how you give them a T for them not being in the book.

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