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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
I "no-called" a play which had everyone in an uproar.

A1 has an uncontested lay-up, going down the tableside sideline, then heads towards the basket on a 45-degree angle with the end line. A2 and B2 in motion, meet up at the tableside lane space closest to the FT line. A2 is between B2 and the basket. A2 and B2 both move at the same speed and same direction, from where they started, towards the basket. There is no contact, but they are only an inch apart.

It appears to all that A2 impeded B2's attempt to defend the play, as they moved together, step by step. But with no contact, no foul, correct?

You had Obstruction and you should have awarded Team B an Indirect Free Kick. Oops! Wrong sport, !

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