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Obviously, 2-man mechanics are much older than those for 3-man. Also, the game has changed significantly. 1989 is when HS adopted the 3pt shot. The frequency of such attempts has been on the rise ever since. The old style of pounding the ball into big guys in the post isnít as popular now.

What does all of that mean? The days of 2-man at the HS level are dwindling and the need for the L to come strongside to observe post activity is also dropping drastically.

When I started officiating 20 years ago, the post players were still dominant and coming strongside was the norm. It was done almost exclusively to watch the post matchup. Now my area doesnít even teach this anymore. The L is likely better off just staying on his side. There are far more long range jumpshots and long rebounds than true post matchups. Couple that with 3-man being more prevalent and this mechanic is almost extinct.
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