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Originally Posted by BigCat View Post
The registered list might say the numbers are the same but its a HUGE problem down here. We lose people everyday..and can't really recruit...We have 5 or 10 retire every year and I might see two or three new faces.
BAS point is something that bothers me. Schools know who their idiots are...they could control them..However, those idiots might be parents voters etc. Administrators at games want to sit and watch. do nothing more...
The numbers are not exactly the same, but that being said different things can be different depending on the area. When I was in central Illinois, we worked two games on a varsity night for mostly the small schools. The bigger schools never did that or it was not common practice.

And I still do not think that is all about sportsmanship. Pay, not working in certain places (or the politics) and even expenses factor into this IMO as well. We have had issues for some time in officiating across sports and it is not always because coaches, fans or players can be stupid.

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