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Two Person Rotation In The IAABO Galaxy ...

In this thread, a few members have stated that, while allowed by mechanics, many officials don't take advantage of two person ball side mechanics.

I was going to point out that even fewer take advantage of IAABO mechanics that state that the trail can initiate a frontcourt rotation in a two person game:

When pressure is applied in frontcourt, near farther sideline in trial's PCA, trail may rotate beyond the basketline toward farther sideline to provide maximum coverage. As a result of trail rotating, lead may rotate across the basketline, changing lead's PCA, and line responsibility.

But I decided to double check the wording of the mechanic. Good thing that I did because it's gone. It last appeared in the 2016-17 mechanics manual, and then disappeared in the 2017-18 mechanics manual.

Do any IAABO members remember this change being announced?
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