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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
"That's when I buy my crack cocaine."

"That's when I throw my single use plastic bags into the ocean, and watch the sea turtles eat them."

Probably better to say a nicer version of, "That's none of your damn business".
Actually, all of my college supervisors say it is none of their business why we have a date blocked. I've only ever received complaints about blocked out dates from HS supervisors.

I've only once ever had a college supervisor ask me why I was blocked. He lost one of his officials the morning of a noon tip-off. That official was told he needed to be on stand-by at a D1 school (a game he ended up working for $1900). My supervisor luckily had a DH at his venue, so he moved one of the 2:00 officials up to the 12:00 game. He then got hold of an official who was flying back from a G-League assignment who landed and immediately drove 90 minutes and got to the arena about 20 minutes before the 2:00 game tipped off.
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