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Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
I've seen plenty of HS officials kick block/charge plays. HS officials get them wrong way more than college officials do, so I'm not sure what your point is. The more you post, the more you seem to have something against college officials.
*Mr. Raymond,
I'm sorry if my post was percieved as I've "got something against collegiate level refs" as I certainly hold them in high esteem. But don't misconstrue my main point which was that: NF level officials must adjudicate these critical cases (i.e., late game block/charge calls) without the aid of technology (i.e., instant replay) and special allowances (i.e., RA semicircle)--and to do so correctly. From what I've heard , their preparation and requirements are far superior to the prep and qualifications of an NF level ref like me. Furthermore, from what I've observed, I think that collegiate level refs are more disposed to [perhaps appropriately] issue technical fouls for unsporting conduct when it's warranted, than what I've seen in NF level refs--who are less inclined to do so when it's warranted. I will be more aware of the tone of my posts on collegiate level officials so it's not percieved as such.

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