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Originally Posted by thumpferee View Post
I would venture to say he IS serious. Especially based on the video.

I would like to think we know a violation when we see one. I didn't see one in the video

I would also add, there is usually some verbalization going on which helps us determine when it is "@ the disposal". "I got it". "Jimmy take it out" etc...
I watched the original video and felt the first kid never actually went out of bounds. He released the ball to the other kid and his and his left foot appears to still be on the inbound side. I think the ref should have simply continued his initial 5 second count. I believe that the ref did not look at the feet of the original inbounder. Now, presuming that the first thrower is out of bounds, then indeed, there is a violation.

Zoochy had a nice video and I would offer a suggestion. Notice the level of play and the amount of people in the gym. These kids are young and having trouble doing some very basic things. As a ref, you are a coach..for both teams. The rules almost have to be completely forgotten and this play is a perfect example. Clearly, the original kid was not trying to inbound the ball and wanted the receiver to inbound it. Clearly, the receiver thought the first kid did inbound it and began play. As I said, these kids confuse easily, especially with each other. This is the perfect time, as an official, to be aware of what is happening. Once you notice this confusion, just mutter to take the ball out. As I am watching the ball/player/confusion develop, I found myself saying "take it out white, take it out white." It does not have to be loud, just enough for the involved kids to hear. They would quickly react to this instruction and play would continue without a stoppage to the flow. No one will say anything. Do this in a V/JV game? No, but the lower the level the more of a coach you should become. The same goes for 3 seconds ("get out 23, get out 23"), 5 seconds, etc. During dead balls, reiterate something to the offender. The kids need help. it really is on a case by case scenario. Many times, even the coaches need help coaching at the younger levels.
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?

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