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Here I Come To Save The Day ...

Originally Posted by BayStateRef View Post
This year's IAABO refresher exam had a question on this -- and the answer was that it does count as 3 points. The original answer key said 2 points, but that was changed after a closer look at the case book plays and after consultation with the NFHS rule book editor. IAABO Refresher Exam Q. 35 A-1 is behind the 3-point line near the top of the free throw semi-circle. A-1 attempts a diagonal pass to a teammate in the corner. B-1 deflects the pass which enters the basket. The official awards Team A three points. Is the official correct? Answer: Yes 5.2.1, Case Book 5.2.1 Situation C(b)
Nice citation BayStateRef, thanks, especially if the answer is indeed not just an IAABO "interpretation" but a NFHS consultation.

While the "interpretation" may be deemed wrong by some highly respected and esteemed Forum members, it's still a valid IAABO/NFHS "interruption", and until changed may be the only "interpretation" we can hang our hats on.

While I now feel better about my opinion, I would still like to see some of the original intent language back from ancient times when the rule was changed.

How about Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. to the rescue?

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