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Originally Posted by goodros_nemesis View Post
The ball is well short of the target and bounces off the floor and then goes through the ring just before the buzzer sounds. Talk about once-in-a-lifetime ...
I almost had my once in a lifetime play yesterday in a girls middle school game. Not a game clock issue. I was the trail and ended up being straightlined, but it appeared that the player grabbed an offensive rebound and either lost control pulling down the rebound, or tried a power dribble, in either case the ball bounced off the floor all the way up to the basket and then bounced off the rim.

I could hear a murmur going through the crowd of parents.

Interestingly, there was some contact there, but my young partner passed on making a call (probably correct from my poor vantage point).

No fifteen minutes of fame in BillyMac's game. Thirty-eight years and that's the closest it's ever been for me.

I did once have a player attempt a shot from the floor (pass, shoot, start a dribble, or request a timeout situation). He missed. BillyMac. Always a day late or a dollar short.
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