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For a long while, I was the guy who would call travels on spin moves, the overwhelming majority of which are illegal, a point I think we all agree on.

But I (and mayyyybeee 2 other guys) was the only one in our neck of the woods. You often couldn't even get your crewmates to agree that they were travels from a black-and-white rules perspective. I'm OK if you ignore it, but you see how that's a travel, right?
"No, that one was a good one."
"Ummm, almost none of them are actually, and that wasn't the exception."

No sense in dying on that hill by myself, so I had an epiphany earlier this season and I'm done calling them.

Had a relatively high-profile game today with one of the only other guys who would put whistles on these moves, and we both let an obvious, easy one go right in front of us. Kid makes the layup, everyone's happy, nobody says boo, and we both looked at each and laughed upcourt.
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