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Originally Posted by #olderthanilook View Post
You know what impresses me the most after watching the Haith/Hurley and the Cronin ejections?

The conduct of their players. Seriously, their players all stepped in and tried to talk their respective coaches out of saying and/or doing anything further in a genuine effort to keep their coaches in the game.

So often I hear head coaches talk about their players as though they are their kids. And, the players talk as though their coaches are a father-like figure in their lives.

Well, these kids obviously learned the art of peacemaking and candor. And, apparently, not from Hurley and Cronin.

I can only imagine, esp in the case of Hurley and Cronin, what would have happened had their players emulated their coaches ridiculous antics.

+1 for the student/athletes!
Post of the day!

I noticed it, also. "Professional" men, supposedly the leader of young men, acting like fools, while the young men demonstrate composure.
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