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Ugrading/Downgrading High School Fouls

Had a situation last night VG game. Competitive game team A is pulling away late. Game is probably out of reach barring miraculous with a less than 2 min and a 12 pt lead. B1 turns the corner on her player at half and attacks the rim in transition, A2 takes a bad angle and has to open up and let her go, A3 from way back in the play comes in late and hard on her finish sends the ball careening but went through her back and legs in the air to get there.

My partner comes up with an illegal use call. A bench wants an unsportsmanlike foul (no intentionals or flagrants in FIBA). I come in on the way just to check in and he got everything I saw. Late, hard, through the airborne. He said he saw it and thought it was borderline and was going common foul. I did my job and gave him info he made a call and we went with it.

As always half the gym thinks you get it right the other doesn't.

We discussed it post game. He's ok with his call, I think i still would have gone the other way if it was my call. More importantly, if you make a foul call in a high school game before you officially report how ok would you be with upgrading or downgrading a foul based on information you recieve before reporting.
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