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Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
I hate 2-man. There's nothing great about it, there's nothing nostalgic about it and there's nothing about it that makes me a better official. Additionally, if there's a two-man game that usually means it's a crappy game around here. Any official who works hard will work just as hard in three man as they do in 2-man and be just as tired at the end of the game And working two man doesn't make anybody any less whistle happy. Just means more off ball and dirty plays are being missed.
Agree 100%. Itís the absolute worse. Fortunately Iím at a place in my career where I can avoid them in HS (sub-varsity only in FL). Iíll take them in youth rec only because the game is slower and generally a lot less at stake. There was a point about 8 years ago (crappy economic environment for school board) where they were considering reverting back to two man to save money. I was prepared to hang up the whistle. Fortunately it never came to pass.
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