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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
We saw the proverbial “this isn’t getting the kids ready for college basketball” quote.

Tell me again the percentage of NFHS basketball players that go on to play college basketball?

You want 100% of schools to pay for a shot clock system and operator that will probably only play a factor in 1% of games? Ok, be my guest. But that should be a state-to-state decision, not a national mandate.

These stories make the news because they are the exception, not the rule. Stall games are not the national crisis that some claim they are.
I totally agree. This style was a choice. The defensive team could have pressured the ball and made the team play some offense.

The funny part is that people think that with a shot clock automatically a team cannot stall to some extent. They can stall in a similar way and take time off the clock. Teams in college do it all the time when they have a certain lead. Obviously, they have to shoot the ball, but just like that is a risk, holding the ball expecting a team to never play defense is also a risk.

I think the shot clock is coming. But it is not going to make the game better. It is just going to make the game rushed in many respects for many teams. So the bad shots we see now, we will see horrible shots with a shot clock.

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