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Originally Posted by MechanicGuy View Post
Definitely a clear PC, and a clear PC an official. Maybe less clear to everyone else.

Agree though that the "proper" mechanic looks awful at the spot. Waving off the shot would have been the best way to emphatically clarify the call.
I agree. Why does NFHS not go with the times and create (or borrow from other levels) better/more descriptive mechanics? SD has approved of high school officials using certain college signals (punch for a PC/TC foul, hit to the head, legally walled up, etc.), and demonstrates these signals in the last mechanics video that the SDHSAA released. Other states have other changes to NFHS mechanics that make things better (no long switches in TX and MI, 3-person timeout positions in 2-person and walk and talk allowed in TX, walk and talk, 2-handed reporting (before it was legalized by NFHS), and descriptive signals (unofficially) allowed in MD) , so I suspect that NFHS might not understand what toils the officials actually need to get their job done (behavioral warning only came out in 16-17, but was likely unofficially done before then).
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