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I'm Not Going To Wait Forever ...

Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
A rule of thumb for me is when the ball is on the floor within reach of a player. At that point, I start counting. If the ball is lying still on the floor after a goal,and no one moves to pick it up,

I also start a count. I also start a count if the team entitled to the ball delays after a timeout.
Sounds like a plan.

After a timeout, I'll be sure to sound my whistle extremely loud and long, make an exaggerated move to put the ball on the floor, preventing it from rolling away, take an exaggerated step back, and make an exaggerated counting motion, maybe a little slower than my normal count. If I get to five, I'll call the violation, that's the rule. Bottom line, I'm not in a rush to call a violation, but I want everybody to know that I'm not going to wait forever.

I need to clarify something. Is it true that this procedure can be used for any delayed throwin situation, not just one after a timeout, or intermission?

4-38: The resumption-of-play procedure is used to prevent delay in putting the
ball in play when a throw-in team does not make a thrower available or
following a time-out or intermission (unless either team is not on the court
to start the second half) as in 7-5-1 and 8-1-2. The procedure results in a
violation instead of a technical foul for initial delay in specific situations.

Note the word "or".
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