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DC uses college rules for shot clock, 10 seconds, and closely guarded counts. If NFHS has team control on throw-ins for fouls and timeouts, it wouldn't be a stretch to recognize TC on throw-ins for other purposes (10-second count) as well. Sure, the rule might require re-writing, but it would not have a situation where there both is and isn't team control (TC on throw-in, lost because ball is inbounds, then re-gained by same team by acquiring player control; where TC is not normally lost on loose balls (including passes), and would thus be simpler to administer. If the other team controls the ball after the backcourt throw-in, 10-second count ends. Same team controls, 10-second count continues. The count could be administered visibly, invisibly with the game clock, or invisibly with the shot clock (for states where one exists, or when all states go shot clock).
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