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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
It is one thing to help in your secondary area when you believe that your partner got blocked out or couldn’t see a clear infraction due to the angles of the players, but what one should avoid is over-riding another official’s judgment on a play which is observed. To be more specific, I am talking about a play in which there is contact which two officials observe. If the officials have different thresholds for what constitutes a foul, one may determine that no foul occurred and no whistle is the correct decision while the other will blow and make a call also believing that he is correct. This type of play is why I cannot agree with the “get it right” camp. These situations should be left to the primary official.
I agree 100% with this and subscribe to this philosophy fully. The play in question was well above this level of judgement, I just don't think my partner had the angle to see the contact that I saw. Or based on his comments he was looking low when the contact was high. But I have had partners call an "over the back" right in my kitchen from across the lane when I am looking directly at the play. That should be avoided at all costs.
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