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Originally Posted by ballgame99 View Post
Last night I am C, not much going on in my PCA, last second shot at the end of the 3rd quarter, 3 point shot goes up just below the FT line extended, which just happened to be directly across the court from me and my line of sight. (IE I have a great angle). I take a glance at it. I see the defender CLEARLY foul the shooter across the arm. I KNOW this is a foul, but I also know this is not my call. I wait, expecting a whistle from the trail, shooter comes all the way down, no whistle from Trail... I blow. Neither coach says a word, not even a groan from the crowd. Everyone saw this foul. Coach of the shooter actually commented that this was a great call (because he knew it wasn't my call to make but I did anyway).

Needless to say my partner wasn't happy.

When is it appropriate to reach out of your area? Does it have to be a flagrant or technical foul situation? Am I the worst partner ever? I've always read on here that you don't come that far out of your PCA unless it is a "crew saver". I felt like this fit the bill.
I could have used you on my game Monday. I had a play in my primary (3-point shot from trail, more or less at the FT-line extended) where the shot came off really odd. I, however, just did not see any contact. I didn't know if the shooter muffed it as he went up or what. My partners probably didn't seen anything they could have helped with but if they had, I would have been fine with the help. At halftime, I asked the crew waiting for the next game what happened (they were sitting behind the C) and they told me he was definitely fouled and told me where/how. It was a bit unusual, but it should have been a foul. I just missed it. Luckily, the team that was shooting was up by a bunch and was going to win going away so I didn't catch any grief over it.
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