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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post

What did your partner say? Did he think it was clearly a foul? Did he think it was marginal or not a foul at all?

Also, that is a rather long way to get a foul from the C. So it has to be very accurate or in transition on some level. I am not sure what you described either was a crew saving call.

Thanks for the input. He thought the kid flopped because he kicked his legs out, but the contact I saw and called was across the arm.

It was absolutely a long way to go, and that is how sure I am that it was a foul. In hindsight I wouldn't call it, just because I've been told that it would be more appropriate to let him deal with the consequences of missing a call if he messed it up.

And btw this ended up being a 1 possession game at the end.
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