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Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
I agree, Mark. But it's another manifestation of arbiter's hierarchy, where officials are an afterthought, a necessary evil. Want to set travel limits? Only if the assigner permits. Want to block partners, schools or teams? Only if the assigner permits. Want to see your evaluations? Only if the assigner permits.
As an assigner, I not only give my officials access to the blocks and travel limit sections, but I feel all assigners should do this. Each official should be allowed to have full access to Arbiters blocks sections. It makes the assigners jobs easier for crying out loud.

I do not use the evaluation tools within Arbiter at all, so I don't give my officials access to a blank page. If I have an issue arise with the official or with the school I use email to document the situation and have a record of the interaction (thankfully I have only had a few issues in my years as an assigner).

As for the ides of blocks, over riding blocks and making changes. I always assume if there is a block for an official of mine, it is a firm block. If I absolutely need an official who has a block for that contest I will email the official and ask if I can assign them to an event and override the block.

My biggest pet peeve is when assigners just decide to change an assignment without contacting the official about it. I may have planned some other aspect of my life around a specific assignment and location (dinner with friends, date, other work). When an assigned just decides to change my assignment at the last minute without asking I find that disrespectful of my time as an official and have told several assigners that to their face. If I need to move an official I will email the official and ask permission. If an assigner wants to move me I just ask that they give me that courtesy as well. Normally I am flexible with switching assignments, but I feel I should be asked first before I am just switched.
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