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From what I read, the official was correct in his ruling.

The wrestler was wrestling with an "illegal" head covering. A few years ago the rule was change that required the head covering to have a means to attach to the headgear. The wrestler was given the option to fix the issue. he could get a legal head covering, he could cut his hair or he could forfeit. The rules require the official to start injury time and the wrestler has 90 seconds to fix the issue.

Even after these years wrestlers still come to the meet with illegal head covering. As officials we try to fix this before the match, but even when we get there before the match, we don't catch everything.

I know that if a wrestler came onto my mat with an illegal head covering, I may not catch it unless the cap comes on during the match. At that point, the wrestler would have 90 seconds to get a legal covering, cut his hair or forfeit the match. It doesn't matter if he was allowed to wrestle earlier in the day or the previous week with that particular head covering.

BTW Chapmaja, read the rule again, natural state is mentioned in the rule.
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