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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
... only kicked ball violations on the defense are penalized!!
Maybe in practice, but not in theory. Any intentional kick is a violation, the way that James Naismith and God intended. A defensive player often kicks the ball intentionally as a defensive move to stop a pass (picture guards at the front of a zone defense doing jumping jacks). One has to ask themselves why would an offensive player intentionally kick a ball when it would seldom be a good offensive move (there are often more efficient ways of moving the ball from one location to another). A general rule of thumb (utilized incorrectly by ChuckS's partner) is that many, though certainly not all, defensive kicks are intentional, and thus, violations; and that many, though certainly not all, offensive kicks are unintentional, and play on.

Back in ancient times, when I was working boys high school recreation, I had a ball handler lose the handle on the ball as he was on a fast break with a teammate ahead of him wide open. The ball handler kicked the loose ball from the floor to his teammate for a wide open layup. I called the violation and the coach complained that it wasn't a defensive kick. I replied that I believed that it was kicked intentionally. I later discovered that the ball handler was an All State soccer player.
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