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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
... the things that even experienced officials have to be taught is numerous.
In my new life as a subvarsity official, a few nights ago my young partner called a three second violation and administered the throwin from the closest spot to the violation rather than the point of interruption on the other side of the lane (where the ball was). As old trail, new lead, this allowed me to stay put rather than rotate across the court.

I complimented him at halftime on the administration of the throwin, but he admitted that he really didn't know the rule, rather he didn't want to force me to rotate (he works a lot of recreation league games with modified mechanics). I was pretty sure that he actually had done it correctly, but he had me questioning myself, so I had to confirm it by looking it up when I got home.

There are an awful lot rules in basketball. Lots to remember. Lots to forget.
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