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If you judge the player was out of bounds when they jumped they are out of bounds until they land inbounds.

Jumping is however an inexact activity performed with a wide variety of bio mechanic diversity. If at least part of a foot or one entire foot was inbounds when the jump occured you could probably make a convincing argument based on their jumping mechanics that by the time their entire body left the floor the parts leaving the floor had regained inbounds status. Ie. If my heel is out of bounds and I jump in order to jump i am likely extending my foot from heel off the ground first to toes off the ground last to activate the appropriate muscles. Meaning, that if only my toes were on the floor at one point in the jumping process I had contact with the floor inbounds only with my foot/feet before leaving the ground. OR which foot leaves contact with the floor last etc.

That is convoluted though, so refer back to intial part of repsonse. If you judge they were out of bounds when they left the floor they are out of bounds until they return to the floor.
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