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But there is one other thing that I found a little interesting. About a month or so ago when I logged into the app where the 2017–2018 book used to be, which I purchased last year, the 2018–2019 rulebook was there instead. A couple weeks later, the 2018–19 rule book is nowhere to be found, and the 2017–18 book has returned. I will admit that I was a little excited when I first saw this because I had bought the book last year and thought I was not going to have to pay for again this year. Apparently that is not the case. And I’m fine with that. The part that is a little upsetting is the fact that our state, when we pay our fee, send us out the test, the preseason guide any free rulebook. Figuring I would get my rulebook easily on mine, I asked for a hard copy of the casebook instead, which they are always willing to do. But if I knew that getting the rulebook in the app is going to be such a pain, I would’ve just stuck with the hard copy of the rulebook this year.
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