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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
SITUATION 2: A1 is straddling the division line when the ball is deflected by B1 into the backcourt. A1 is able to reach out and take possession of the ball while still straddling the division line. RULING: Legal. A1 is in the backcourt and maintains that status when she takes possession of the deflected ball. Because A1 is in the backcourt, the official must start a 10-second count and maintain the count as long as the player is in the backcourt and in possession of the ball. (9-9-1)

Actually, the official should have been counting a 10-second backcourt count the entire play! The ball had backcourt status during this whole sequence. Silly monkeys.

I disagree. B1 is presumably in the FC. When B1 deflects the ball, that gives the ball FC status. For that matter, does A1 even have the ball or had A1 passed it?
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