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I'd Like One Of Those Rainfall Shower Heads ...

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
You'd have to find a play where A1 catches or intercepts a pass while airborne, alights off 1 foot, then legally lands on 2 feet. A1 cannot lift either foot prior to starting a dribble. Good luck putting that into your search engine.
Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
No problem for Freddy. If there's a relevant video out there, he'll track it down.
Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
I think I might have found a clip at least somewhat close to what I was looking for. The player catches the ball while moving with both feet off the floor, landing on one foot, then jumps off that foot to (at least momentarily) simultaneously land on both (4-44-2a3).
I told you. There's not an obscure, but relevant, video, that Freddy can't find. And, believe it or not, he can do this while at the same time replacing all the plumbing in your remodeled bathroom. Freddy's the man.

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