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I'm not so sure it was handled correctly by the umpires.

I would love to know what the umpires discussed.
BU: Did I miss the call? (Not the question to ask)
PU: Yes, you did. (Not the appropriate response to the question)
Call is reversed (Wrong result)

If BU is in "A" (albeit in the wrong position), it would seem to me that he had all four elements of the play in front of him. That would make this a "Judgement Call", and would preclude him from asking for and getting "help".

Yes, a pulled foot is a legitimate appeal, but that is usually reserved for the calling umpire being, blocked, straight-lined, etc. and usually with BU in "C".
I wonder if there really was a valid appeal in this sitch.

If the conversation did go that way, the result should have been "Eat the bad call and survive the shit storm".
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