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Anonymity ...

Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
XXXXX XXXXX, a guy I work football with in EBO, lives in Virginia and calls games for both Board 12 and Board 134, in addition to being on the Centennial Conference basketball staff. I believe that Mr. XXXXX can do this because he works in DC and can easily travel to both PG County and to the various private school games that Board 12 services.
ilyazhito: You're fairly new to the Forum. Unless you got permission from Mr. XXXXX to use his name on the Forum, I suggest that you don't do so. You may want to go back and edit your post to delete his name. I made the same mistake when I first joined the Forum, the named person found out, and he was very displeased.

Our local board strongly discourages us from posting on forums like this under our real name, and strongly encourages us to post anonymously on such forums. I actually respect those who post under their own name, and don't hide behind anonymity. Even if a member choses to post with his real name, that doesn't necessarily mean that his colleagues would want their names posted.

BillyMac is not my real name, I'm really Dr. Frank N. Furter, a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.
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