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Originally Posted by Coachwith??? View Post
On a free kick after a score, the ball bounces off of R1s chest, and goes into the end zone. I understand since R never gained possession of the ball, the kick has not ended, which is why this is a touchback. But if the ball bounced off of R and stopped at the 5 yard line, it would be a live ball, able to be recovered by either team. It seems the application of "touchback once it breaks the plane of the end zone" rule here is rather arbitrary and inconsistent. Can anyone clarify why the rule is this way?
Under FED rules, itís a touchback when ANY kick (kickoff, punt, unsuccessful FG attempt) breaks the plane of Rís goal line. It doesnít matter how many times itís been touched, or by whom.

Most FED rules differences have to do with either safety (these rules are used by players as young as 12 years old), or balance between offense and defense. Iím not sure about this one, but itís been in effect for an awfully long time without any realistic effort to change it.
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