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In NFHS rules, any time that a kick goes into the end zone it is a touchback, and a kick only ends when it is possessed. The only exception to the rule is the momentum exception (a kick or interception possessed inside the 5 yard line and carried into the end zone returns to the spot where the ball was possessed if the ball carrier is tackled or loses possession out of bounds in the end zone).

If a kick is touched by the receiving team in the field of play, whether a scrimmage kick (punt or field goal) or a free kick (kickoff, safety kick, or the rare fair catch kick), either team can gain possession of the ball. The only difference is that K can possess the ball if it has travelled 10 yards beyond the spot that it was kicked from (the distance between the K and R restraining lines) and hit the ground, in either order on a free kick. K cannot re-possess the ball on a scrimmage kick unless R touches the ball.
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