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Originally Posted by CecilOne View Post
In softball, if a runner is called for INT, the ball is dead and the runners returned to the last base touched.

In last night's LL Southwest Regional, a BR who bunted was out for INT because of not being in the running lane. There had been runners on 1st and 2nd, both had reached the next base at the time of the INT.
However, after a meeting of 4 umpires and the plate umpire talking to someone by phone; the runners were returned to their prior bases.

Is baseball different in this way, or did I misunderstand the ruling, or were they wrong?
I doubt very seriously that the runners reached the next base before the INT, especially when there is no lead offs in this LL division.

As for FED, it's TOI. Other rule sets may be TOP with the BR. Others will clarify!
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