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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
So -- CI, batter hit ball? In that case, the ball is not dead until the play is complete.

If BR and all runners advance, the CI is ignored.

If not, it's enforced (BR to first; runners return unless stealing) unless the offense chooses to take the play instead of the penalty.
Astros at Rockies, 7/25, top 4.
Runners at the corners, Reddick clips F2s glove but hits a dribbler to the pitcher who muffs it and and it's fielded by one of the infielders. Reddick stays there pointing at the glove while PU Layne points it and waits for something to happen. Typical CI goatrope. Infielder finally tosses the ball to 1B and I guess Layne then awarded Reddick 1B, forcing R1 to 2B and he returned R3, who had scored on the goatrope, to 3B. As expected at this level, game proceeded with no effort by Layne to ask the manager if he wanted the penalty or the play (run scored, batter out and R1 safe at 2B) and the manager did not come out.
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