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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
I have noticed that many professional sports officials wear numbers on their uniforms. This is also the case for NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and their respective minor leagues (G-League, MiLB, etc.). Why would officials do that? Is this so league observers can more easily identify the officials working the contest that day (For instance, if you see an umpire wearing 25 in Major League baseball, you know that it is Fieldin Culbreth, 21 is Hunter Wendelstedt, etc.)?

By contrast, amateur officials do not usually wear numbers (college baseball is an exception, probably because of TV coverage at the Division I level). Is there a reason for officials wearing (or not wearing) numbers on their uniforms? I'd be curious to hear your takes, especially if you are in an association that uses numbers.

I do not recall seeing any NJCAA, NAIA, or NCAA baseball umpires having numbers on their uniforms.

With regard to NFHS, I do not know of a single state that allows official/umpires to have numbers on the uniforms.

With regard to the NJCAA, NAIA, and NCAA softball umpires I have not ever seen umpires with number on their uniforms and I am pretty sure that their are not allowed because Mark, Jr., works college softball and no one wears numbers on their uniforms.

When it comes to summer softball, it depends upon the sanctioning body. USA Softball and USSSA do not allow numbers on their uniforms. When it comes to summer baseball it is more like the wild west. Mark, Jr., and I have one set of shirts which have numbers on them and the numbers have special meanings to us.

I hope that did not add to your confusion, LOL!

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