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Originally Posted by CecilOne View Post
I think we answered this last year or before; but I can't find it.
USA Rules only, NFHS is very different; probably others.

If a runner interferes with a fielder attempting a fair or foul fly ball which is catchable with ordinary effort; the runner is out and the batter is also out.
8.7.J.3 (1) effect F in the wrong place

Even if there were two outs before the play, the batter has completed a time at bat, so does not bat in the next inning.

Is that correct, or does that batter appear again?


Opinions are no help, already have both sides from very learned sources; need a case or play/clarification documented.
There is no case play from the 2017 case book provided at the USA Softball Biennial clinic. I do not believe there has been anything issued in the clarifications either.

Let me offer this: you mentioned that in NFHS the rule is different; the effect is different in USA Softball if the runner interferes with a fielder on a ground ball. In both cases, interference is called and the batter is placed on first. Both cases result in the batter completing their time at bat.

Therefore, why would this instance be any different? In all cases of interference in USA (and fair ball interference in NFHS), the batter has completed their time at bat.
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