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illegal pitch, but why...?

Another weekend of travel/club ball where I was "the only umpire all year long" to call bringing the hands together too soon as an illegal pitch. And the coaches statements of me being the "only" one to do it is probably close to being true. At least around here, there are too many umps that don't know or ignore this. It's "easier". But...

Why is it illegal to bring the hands together as the pitcher is stepping on to the pitching plate? I know, I know, it's in the book. But if the rule was re-written to allow for taking or simulating taking the signal with the hand separate or together, what would be the negative end result be? Many of the pitchers I'm calling illegal have a pause, it's just coming after they put the hands together as they are stepping on to the pitching plate.

Has this approach ever been floated at any rule change meeting? Anyone know the history of this particular rule? I need more simplicity...
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