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Originally Posted by Spence View Post

1. If the pitcher, with a runner on base, stops or hesitates in his delivery because the batter steps out of the box (a) with one foot or (b) with both feet or (c) holds up his hand to request “Time,” it shall not be a balk. In (a) and (c), there is no penalty on either the batter or the pitcher. The umpire shall call “Time” and begin play anew. In (b), a strike shall be called on the batter for violation of
7-3-1. In (a), (b) and (c), if the pitcher legally delivers the ball, it shall be called a strike and the ball remains live. Thus, Two strikes are called on the batter in (b).

How am I supposed to read the last part of the rule regarding (c) holds up the hand...? Why list that without having it be conditional upon A or B also occurring?
Holding up his hand might cause the pitcher to stop. OBR actually changed their wording to the batter inadvertently causing the pitcher to stop because of a balk caused by an MLB batter saying "time" and that was not a criteria in that rule at that time to protect a pitcher who stopped upon hearing that.
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