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The umpire "shall call 'Time.'" How can F1 deliver a legal pitch when the ball is not live?

The only way I see that as possible is if the hitter were to do one of those three proscriptions after TOP. If that were the case, Hell yeah I'm going to get a NFHS strike, maybe two. In NCAA/OBR games, I'll call the pitch on its merits, being as generous as I think I can be and not have to scurry to the car after the game.

One caveat: If I am convinced the batter had a very valid reason for doing so: e.g., buzzing bees, dust cloud, reprehensible comment by F2 about he hitter's family tree and/or F1 rushing the hitter...or me. (Then I might have to go to another paragraph in the rule book.
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